Parent Partnership

Our aims are expressed through the following principles:

At Park we aim to be at each child's side every step of the way, guiding them as their character develops and as they make their own discoveries about what they love and may one day love to do. Through our main school site and three additional facilities, away from school, we provide pupils with a range of extra opportunities to raise their aspirations and ensure they are very well prepared for adult life. We are always looking for adults to help us find new ways to work with young people and the local community.

We have 5 ways of expressing our work:

Much more than just a school [We aim to perpetually innovate in order to provide aspiration, inspiration and new ways to work with young people, parents and our local community. We therefore offer an expansive educational experience: Apex Construction Skills Centre, Park Farm, PDP; Print and enterprise unit and Inspired Education, SCITT and Solent Teaching Alliance].

Success for all through attainment, resilience and autonomy [We aim to ensure that all of our students are well prepared for the next step of long successful lives; demonstrating finish, polish, panache].

We are guardians of the flame; kindling fires [“At Park we will be at your child's side every step of the way, guiding them as their character develops and as they make their own discoveries about what they love.” We believe education is a way to change lives: to kindle fires and awaken possibilities].

Love to teach: joy, glee and delight [We believe all learners should be welcomed, inspired, challenged, and invested in as individuals, we also believe all staff should model passion for Park so students and their families experience joy, glee and delight].

We believe that we make a difference and that qualifications alone are not enough we believe in empowering students to feel confident, be independent and make good choices [existentialism] within a caring and sharing community.

Our objectives include the creation of productive partnerships with all our parents

  1. Our commitment to working effectively with our parents is fundamental to the Park ethos and is evidenced in our commitment to achieving the LPPA. [KPI 1]
  2. The continuous drive to improving our partnership with parents is reflected in improvement planning at all levels. [KPI 2]
  3. Park is a welcoming, communicative and friendly place for parents. [KPI 3]
  4. We promote the support and participation of all parents in their children’s learning. In addition, we promote opportunities for joint parent and child participation, as well as parent learning, wherever possible. [KPI 4]
  5. We seek to provide outstanding induction for all new parents. [KPI 5]
  6. We provide parents with helpful and user-friendly guidance and information to help them support their children’s learning. [KPI 6]
  7. We have clear policies to establish effective home–school links and improve children’s attendance, punctuality, progress and positive participation in school. [KPI 7]
  8. The school provides outstanding support for all parents as their children move through or leave the school. [KPI 8]

We aspire to ensure:

Welfare and safeguarding

  1. 100% face to face contact with parents each academic year to secure support for all students’ progress.
  2. All parents are contacted within 2 working days, wherever possible, regarding any concerns about their child.
  3. Parents contacted via texts and phone calls if a student is absent.
  4. All parents contacted about any incident their child may be involved in.
  5. Parents are able to arrange a meeting at any time if they have concerns re their child’s welfare.

Academic progress

  1. All parents will receive a data-based report on their child’s progress 4 times per year.
  2. All parents will receive a clearly written full report on their child’s progress once per year. The report will explain simply and clearly what has been studied, how the student has made progress and what precisely s/he needs to do to improve.
  3. All parents to be actively encouraged to attend a Parents Evening to discuss their child’s progress with subject teachers once per year. In the case of year 8 this will be part of the options process.
  4. All parents actively encouraged to attend Student Review Meetings to discuss their child’s progress and academic targets with mentors twice per year.
  5. All parents in year 11 invited to attend additional parents’ evenings aimed at helping them to better support their child’s aspirations and examination success.


  1. Termly attendance clinics for targeted students to discuss attendance issues.
  2. Early morning phone calls for those students who are attendance concerns.
  3. Pastoral drop-in for parents to discuss any welfare concerns.
  4. Revision sessions for Year 11 parents and students.


  1. We run a project called MUNCH which ensures that no child, no matter what school or age need go hungry during the holidays. This is being expanded to Thursday tea times and Sunday lunches.
  2. Parents are given the opportunity to enrol their child for a week’s Summer School to aid transition.
  3. Parents can hire our excellent facilities at affordable prices.
  4. We offer a whole range of affordable children parties to enable our children to have a party with good quality equipment in a safe environment.
  5. We have established our Student Recruitment Agency which creates paid work opportunities for our students from Year 7.
  6. Range of events are provided for example, 6 weeks of Christmas magical festive programme, Family Picnic in the Park, fundraising events.
  7. Courses run in the Dickinson Centre ranging from parenting skills to first aid.
  8. Monthly pastoral informal support sessions.
  9. Open 51 weeks a year open until 10pm – staff available to assist parents.
  10. Funding applied for to the benefit of families and students.

Assessment and Reporting 2018

At Park Community School we assess your child regularly in lessons to allow us to monitor their progress in relation to what we would expect them to achieve. We then adjust our lesson planning or implement interventions to ensure they are making suitable progress.

There will be two Student Review Days per year

The Student Review Days take place on the first day of the academic year and just before the February half-term holiday. These are opportunities to meet to discuss your child’s targets with his/her mentor. It is also an opportunity to discuss how, together, we can better support his/her progress.

There will be one traditional Parents’ Evening per year

The traditional Parents’ Evening is your opportunity to discuss your child’s progress with their subject teachers.

We also hold additional evenings for parents on specific topics such as how to support your child to achieve success in their examination courses. These evenings usually include a combination of presentations and master-classes.

We will report home to parents five times of year

Once a year there will be a full written report which gives an overview from each subject teacher including: a) what has been studied b) how well your son/daughter is doing and c) what they need to do to make further progress.

Each other reporting session will be a data report which will include the following information:

  • School projection: This is what we expect your child to achieve. In Year 11 this is 1.0 to 9.9 or G3 to A*1 depending on the GCSE subject. BTECs are graded using Pass, Merit, Distinction and Distinction*.
  • Teacher Projection: This is the teacher’s professional judgement of what your child is likely to achieve. They have assumed that your child will continue to work as they are at present. It is based on a combination of information, including mock exams, class work and coursework where appropriate. In Year 11 this is G3 to A*1 for all GCSE subjects except English and Maths which are 1 to 9.
  • Test Score: This is the score your child has achieved on their most recent mock exam or multiple-choice test. In years 7-9 this is a score out of 79. In years 10 and 11 the percentage reported is a percentage out of the total marks available in all exams they will sit in this subject. It may be low earlier in the course and increase as they get closer to the final exams. If this space is blank, your child has not had a mock exam in the subject this half term.
  • Overall Attitude to Learning (OATL): This is a score from -4 up to 12 which shows how well your child is working.
  • Homework: This is also a score from -4 up to 12 reflecting your child’s commitment to completing their homework at a high standard.

The following table explains what each of the numbers for overall attitude to learning and homework mean.

Score Description Homework OATL
12 Excellent Performance All homework is completed on time and usually completed to a very high standard. Consistently positive attitude and is proactive in the pursuit of their learning.
9 Very Good Performance All homework is completed on time and to a good standard. Positive attitude to learning and will do everything asked of them.
2 Good Performance All homework is completed with most it on time. The standard is generally good. Generally positive attitude to their learning. Completes most tasks with little fuss and without disrupting the learning of others.
-1 Need for Improvement Homework is not consistently completed, and/or it is often late. Homework is consistently to a low standard Inconsistent in their attitude to their learning. Can occasionally be disruptive to the learning of others.
-4 Cause for Concern Generally, homework is not completed. Homework is always late. Attitude to learning is consistently detrimental to their own and to the learning of others.

Procedure for students joining school after year 7

There are two procedures for children joining us during the year.

The first is through a managed move and the second an admission through Hampshire County Council.

Step Admission from County Managed Move
1 Initial meeting between parent, student and a senior member of staff [pastoral.]
A tour of school.
Copies of the new parent registration and consent documents provided.
Managed move agreed between Park and the Federation School at either:
a) Parental request
b) at school request for behaviour reasons
2 School review of admission request Home school sends student information pack to Park
3 Senior member of staff [pastoral] agrees start date with parent, if admission request successful Initial meeting between parent, student and senior member of staff [pastoral.] Contract signed for the 10-week programme. Copies of the new parent registration and consent documents provided. Start date agreed.
4 Head of Year identifies mentor group and timetable. Administration team action parental registration and consent forms. Mid point review with parent and student with senior member of staff [pastoral.]
5 Review of any special educational needs by the SENCO [Special Educational Needs Coordinator.] Final review with parent and student with senior member of staff [pastoral.] Outcomes: a) Return to home school, b) Redo part of 10-week programme [if there are extenuating circumstances for the programme not being completed or targets not met] or c) Acceptance on Park Role
6 Head of Year identifies mentor group and timetable. Administration team action parental registration and consent forms.
7 Review of any SEND needs by SENCO