Our English curriculum provides pupils with opportunities to develop their communication through reading, writing and the spoken word, and equips them with the skills required for life. We aim to provide opportunities that develop pupils culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially, and spiritually through literature and language.


  • To develop skill, confidence and fluency in all aspects of communication.
  • To introduce and develop an understanding and analysis of the texts which have shaped our literary heritage.
  • To enthuse pupils in the benefits of reading for pleasure and develop their skills of writing clearly, accurately and coherently.

Areas of Study

Reading – Pupils will have opportunities to read full texts for both pleasure and for gathering information. We will expose pupils to a range of English literature, seminal world literature and texts from Shakespeare, with the focus on developing an appreciation of texts, the ability to read critically and to engage with and access challenging texts.

Writing – Pupils will be given opportunities to develop their written skills in order to develop their written accuracy, fluency and use of writing for both pleasure and information. Pupils will be expected to write essays, stories, scripts, poetry, arguments, articles and letters using the writing process of planning, drafting, editing and re-drafting. Alongside this pupils will develop their ability to refine texts, enhance their vocabulary, as well as develop their understanding of spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Spoken communication – Pupils will use spoken communication to underpin the development of their reading and writing skills. They will develop and practise their speaking skills, using a range of communication skills effectively. This will involve debating in groups, presenting to others, interacting and developing ideas through talk and using role play to engage with the texts being studied.