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Horticulture in the Park

Horticulture in Park Community School (PCS) is more than just a simple gardening experience, it is one that develops our students’ interests and understanding of the interconnectedness of people, soils, plants, and animals (large and microscopic); generating a practical awareness of where our food comes from and the resources and processes it takes to produce it; the ways in which horticultural practices impact on the environment, and how good practices sustain and enhance the environment.

Horticulture at Park Community School
Horticulture at Park Community School
Horticulture at Park Community School

Learning horticulture in PCS is also designed to open pathways to a wide range of learning and eventual careers opportunities such as ‘Horticultural consultant, turf manager, landscape designer, agribusiness consultant, wine consultant, plant pathologist, orchardist, forestry worker and florist.. Collectively, leaning horticulture helps our learners gain valuable, transferable skills in science, technology, numeracy and literacy, self-management and independence skills.

These skills are not an end in themselves, but through learning each process, our students gain personal satisfaction and an incentive to become life-long learners, eager to learn more.

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