Park Community Enterprises Ltd

Park Community Enterprises Limited (PCE) is a not for profit organisation based in Havant, Hampshire.

It was incorporated in May 2013 and is operated by four directors, each of whom hold senior roles within Park Community School.

Park Community Enterprises Ltd

Organisational Aims

The aim of this company is to offer a wide range of opportunities, not offered within the normal school environment, which help students gain confidence, plus work and life skills in a real working environment. We prioritise the safeguarding of students and ensure that their learning is enhanced and meets the requirements of the National Curriculum.

In order to offer these opportunities, we have affiliate relationships with other organisations that provide education, skills and training for young people.

It is our intention to create and run many enterprise projects so that we can expose our students to a whole range of different work environments. These provide the opportunity for students to learn a wide variety of skills, including those in the construction and motor industries.

Our financial strategy means that all monies earned are used to further pursue the organisational objectives.

Park Community School Grounds


  • To create realistic and safe working environments away from an educational establishment.
  • To provide a range of training opportunities for students.
  • To provide the facilities and mentoring to enable students to undertake entrepreneurial enterprise projects.
Park Enterprises - Real life expierences for our Students

Keys to success

  • Obtain, equip and furnish facilities suitable to run businesses where students can come and learn useful skills and trades in preparation for successful lives after school.
  • Create businesses that can run from the premises offering new services to the community.
  • Minimum of 180 students a year from a variety of secondary schools to be able to access the premises and learn useful skills and trades in preparation for successful lives after school.
  • To be able to show through measurable data an increase in the educational attainment of students.
  • To increase the capacity of vulnerable students to progress successfully to the next stage of life.
Park Enterprises - Bringing new opportunities for Students and the Community


  • Park Community Enterprises Limited
  • c/o Park Community School
  • Middle Park Way
  • Havant
  • PO9 4BU

Contact Information

  • Telephone: 023 9248 9800

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