Photography at Park enables students to explore a range of lens-based media techniques and processes. This will include theme-based photography such as portraiture, landscape or still life, alongside aspects of exploring imagery and film.


  • To develop and refine ideas through investigation.
  • To record ideas and insights relevant to their intentions in visual forms.
  • To present a personal response demonstrating analytical and critical understanding.

Areas of Study

Unit 1 consists of an introduction to photography, focusing on aspects of composition, how a camera works and exploring the history and development of Photography over the years. Research on a range of photographers from contemporary through to historical artists is compiled and then applied to their own portfolios.

Unit 2 consists of exam preparation through analytical and evaluative skills to enable a detailed response set by the board. This will include refining their photographic skills and building up their portfolio in order to achieve their full potential.

  • Year 7-10 - GCSE AQA

    Main topics students study:

    • Portraits
    • Landscapes
    • Controlled text topic

    Main skills students develop:

    • Independence
    • Technical skills with cameras
    • Creativity
    • Visual development
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