Remote Learning, Revision and Homework

Learning is for life

Student - Remote Learning

Use the link above and you school log-on to access learning for all of your subject areas. You’ll find:

You can use this area to revise, access homework and revision and use for remote learning if you are required to work from home.

In the event of Lockdown

If school is required to Lockdown for some or all students, all your learning is there ready for you. Teachers will:

Additional lessons and support can be found at:

Working independently is an essential skill for success in school, exams and life. At Park, we develop this through the provision of our full curriculum being accessible remotely to ensure that all students can access learning at any time and revisit their learning to master it. We expect students to work at home as well as in school.

Homework is a significant way through which we increase students’ Understanding and Mastery of content and skills, and raise standards.

The expectations of new exam syllabuses and a move to terminal examinations in all subjects over the next three years, means that students must be supported to consolidate, review and revise learning outside of lessons in order to fully master the knowledge and skills they require.
Homework is a vital part of this.

Park Community School - Understanding and Mastery of Subjects

Purpose of Homework

  • Set a clear expectation that students must work independently to truly master a given body of knowledge or skills set
  • Consolidate learning from the classroom through further independent application, practise or revision
  • Prepare students for new learning through independent research and inquiry
  • Allow students to develop their learning in different or creative ways
  • Encourage students to explore an area in greater depth and develop a thirst for learning

Tips & Tricks | Student & Parent

Students are more successful in school when parents take an active interest in their homework — it shows students that what they do is important.

How can you support your child:

  • Encourage students to value their homework and work hard
  • Ensure students have a quiet space where they can work
  • Set a regular slot for homework after school
  • Help your child manage their time
  • Keep distractions to a minimum
  • Praise their work and efforts
  • Daily reading is essential
  • Access Insight to view homework assignments

The Internet has lots of helpful resources

If your child has forgotten some facts or how to solve a maths problem, there will always be a YouTube video on it that you can watch together.

Park Community School - Encourage students to value their work